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Tyto, our beloved owl ambassador, has sadly succumbed to a breathing disorder that may be related to the respiratory problem which initially brought him under our care two years ago. Tyto passed away quietly and comfortably last night immediately after a follow-up veterinary examination in the Wildlife Centre. He was being rechecked after showing symptoms of fatigue and lack of appetite since a fainting episode 10 days previously. At that time, he had radiographs and blood taken to determine the nature of the problem. Unfortunately there was no opportunity for intervention this time. 

When Tyto first came to the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, he was initially a member of our Birds in Motion flying team but had to be retired due to a near fatal respiratory infection in the fall of 2011. Upon recovery he became a favorite of staff and guests alike while serving as an owl ambassador and the star of a film on his life in Theatre in the Sky. His gentle nature and comfort with people endeared him to everyone he met. He helped educate our guests on the plight of owl species in the wild through his role as owl ambassador. 

Tyto will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Memories of his time at Grouse Mountain will certainly live on.