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For training this past Wednesday April 17, we met at the Cleveland Dam. This week we met Andrew and Taryn from Vega. They brought along some delicious samples of the Pre-workout Energizer for before our run, and Recovery Accelerator for after the run. Andrew, one of our trainers, discussed with us the importance of pre-workout nutrition. I think this is often neglected by the everyday athlete. We are so eager to get to the gym, or head outside for a run that we think it's the doing that is important, and if we get the protein afterwards, that’ll be enough. "Not so!" explained Andrew. Consuming a meal with proper simple and complex carbs two hours before is optimal for athletic performance. This is where the Pre-workout energizer is great, without having to think of pairing your high/low glycemic foods it has some of the higher glycemic sugars to kick start your energy levels, then some low glycemic sugars to keep the energy going through your workout.

I can’t wait to hear about the during and post workout nutrition that they will discuss in future sessions!
On to the training...

We separated into three solo running groups and a group for those running in the relay. Gareth was on night shift again so I trained as a solo runner. We will be running relay on event day, with each of us running two legs (unless we find to more suckers to join us!). 

We started with a dynamic warm up and stretch, then did some fancy step work including side steps, ankle skips and high skips. The run consisted of part of the Shinglebolt trail in Lynn Canyon, a section of the Seek the Peek route. Our run had a good mixture of up and down hills and provided opportunity for our Kintec team to teach us about our running “A,B,Cs”.

I learned that I will definitely have to find some more ‘rooty’ trails in my neighbourhood to get my mind around going fast on the downhill, not just on the up!
Afterwards I had some Vega Recovery Accelerator, which has a natural 4:1 ration of carbs to protein which replenishes glycogen levels that we used during exercise. Before heading home I had a quick chat with Andrew about preworkout nutrition, BCAAs and Protein.

Don’t forget to fit in those extra runs, Day 2 of training was quite a bit more grueling than Day 1 and we’ll all fall behind faster if we don’t keep up with that schedule... it was made for a reason! 

Stay tuned for some of the training that we are doing in and around home throughout the week. 

Thanks for reading,
Gareth & Michelle

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