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If you have been up to visit us at the Peak of Vancouver this summer, you might have noticed the sprinklers going on our mountaintop. Since we’re facing an unprecedented dry and warm season thus far, we thought we’d provide an update to ensure you know what we’re doing – and why.

As you know, Grouse Mountain is fortunate to call our natural, forested mountaintop environment home. With this in mind, we’re keeping a close eye on the current conditions in the event they persist through the summer. Since the BC Wildfire Service has categorized this region as extreme risk for a forest fire, we believe this due diligence is necessary for the preservation of our home and the safety of you, our valued visitor.

Beginning in mid-May, we undertook a preventative mountaintop watering program since green foliage acts as a natural fire break. You should know that we draw from our own private water source and do not draw off any municipal water sources. While useful during the winter, we’ve also put our 37-gun snowmaking system to work as it can provide water to the majority of Grouse Mountain property.

In the event fire suppression is required, a four-wheel drive forestry fire truck is on-mountain as are a host of heavy equipment including a backhoe and excavators along with a portable water tank and pump system.

Nearly 40 Grouse Mountain staff members (including on-hill residents) have completed S-100 Wild Land Fire Suppression Training and we also work closely with the District of North Vancouver Fire Department, Coastal Fire Centre and Metro Vancouver Wild Land Fire Suppression teams regarding strategy, training and resource sharing.

Staff members located at the Eye of the Wind act as a fire watch and are provided with area maps to enable them to easily identify locations and report possible forest fires. In addition, Grouse Mountain’s paragliding and helicopter teams scan the area during daily flights to identify potential issues.

As a valued visitor to Grouse Mountain, you can also do your part to support fire prevention whether it’s obeying our smoke-free policy or reporting any possible concerns. By all doing our part, we’ll ensure this summer continues to be a great one at the Peak of Vancouver!