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Come see the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain

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The other morning there arose such a clatter, that we sprang to our helipad to see what was the matter!

Turns out it was Dancer and Vixen, two of Santa's reindeer crew, arriving at Grouse Mountain from the North Pole to visit for our Peak of Christmas event!

We are lucky that each year two of Santa's Reindeer visit as reindeer ambassadors to all of our visitors here at Grouse Mt. This year Dancer and Vixen will be on Grouse Mountain during our Peak of Christmas and can be visited in their reindeer habitat beside Santa's Workshop on the far end of our outdoor ice skating rink.

Their time up here at Grouse is a bit of a tropical vacation (since Reindeer can handle temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius without any problems!) before they start their around the world journey on Christmas Eve.

Dancer and Vixen hope you will stop by their habitat and visit! Our Wildlife Rangers will be on hand throughout the day and will also be giving special Reindeer Interpretive talks at 12pm and 3pm daily.

For our entire Peak of Christmas Schedule please click here.
Grouse Mountain Reindeer
Grouse Mountain Reindeer