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Yes, that's right - just the other day Santa and his two reindeer, Dancer and Prancer, showed up at Grouse Mountain!

Dancer and Prancer are here as ambassadors for all the other reindeer and can be found lounging around Santa's Workshop - saving their strength for Christmas Eve when of course they will have to go to work helping Santa deliver his presents all around the world.

As dedicated Santa's helpers, our wildlife staff will be giving daily talks about both Santa's Reindeer and other reindeer found around the world.  Be sure to stop by at either 2pm or 4pm to learn fascinating Reindeer facts such as how fast they can run, what they eat and of course - how do they get around the world in just one evening??

Reindeer talks will happen daily until Christmas Eve - the big night!


Come out tonight to our Drop in Snowshoe Night that runs from 7pm to 8:30pm. Meet your complimentary guide at the outdoor fire pit at 7pm, headlamps are mandatory