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Hey, all. Paul here!

As wildlife rangers for the day, my daughter Richelle, her friend Rosalind and I had a fabulous time with Ranger Tracey. When Tracey invited us right into the wolf habitat it certainly raised our eyebrows... maybe she was going to feed us to the wolves! Fortunately not, and it was a very cool experience to be so close. 

Then she took us up top to feed Grinder and Coola, and again big surprises there. Tracey took us into the den where we got to spoon feed them honey. She took us over to the bird habitat where we met Chuck who brought out a couple of beautiful birds of prey for us to see up close. 

We finished up a perfect day with a big plate of nachos at Altitudes Bistro on the sun deck. Richelle and Rosalind absolutely loved the animals — both being animal lovers. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

To learn more about the Birds in Motion show, the bears and everything else you can get up to here, check out the activities listing here!