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Last Saturday was a fantastic sunny day for the first day of YYoga on Grouse Mountain. It was the perfect weather and by 9:30am there were plenty of keen yogis looking for mats and finding a place to participate in this amazing class set in one of Vancouver's most spectacular settings.

Kat Wong led the class and gave each of us a candy to put in our mouths. We closed our eyes and were led to trust our senses and what we could taste. Opening our eyes we could see the large class, some sitting on the grass and using the soft ground as their mat.
The class was 45 minutes long and it was a flow class, based on keeping the body warm. Many people had come up the Grind (myself included) before the class, so Kat was careful to keep us warm and work the upper body. If you do the Grind regularly it is a good idea to keep the upper body flexible and strong.
We were encouraged to give our neighbors on the mats next to us a high five. It was wonderful to make such a nice connection with others practicing yoga in nature. How amazing it is to do a forward fold and out of the corner of your eye you can see a tree or raven flying around.

The Yoga classes will be held every Saturday at 10am (unless it rains) until September. Make sure to arrive early to get a mat or you can bring your own mat. The classes are presented by YYoga and they will ask that you complete a waiver before joining the class.

Thanks everyone, I will keep blogging about all the super fun activities at the peak of Vancouver.

Have a great week!