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Steep. Snowy.
Just as Rewarding.

a 4.3 km snow-covered challenge

The Snowshoe Grind

Grouse Mountain has translated the intensity and accomplishment of the Grouse Grind into a new winter experience – the Snowshoe Grind. Located mountaintop, the Snowshoe Grind promises to challenge. Starting at the relocated Grouse Grind timer, outside the Chalet adjacent the Skyride ramp and just southwest of the skate pond, the Snowshoe Grind is the perfect way to start Grouse Grind hiking season fit and strong, while embracing a snowy winter landscape.
snowshoe running
snowshoe group

About the Trail

Length 4.3 kilometres (2.67 miles) 
Elevation Gain 240 metres (787 feet) 
Average Time About 1 hour. The trail was selected so that your Grouse Grind times will be similar to your Snowshoe Grind times. Please note that snow conditions can impact the time required to complete the course. 
Participants Anyone who is reasonably fit can do the Snowshoe Grind. 

Do the Snowshoe Grind

To access the Snowshoe Grind, or any of our other snowshoe trails, a Ski & Snowboard Pass, Mountain Admission Ticket or Annual Pass is required. The Snowshoe Grind is open daily throughout the winter during daylight hours. Please be sure to check our Current Conditions before your visit. 

Snowshoe Grind Timer Program

To track your time and progress on the Snowshoe Grind, a Grind Timer Card is required. For those who have an existing card, the cards are set-up for immediate use mountaintop. 

Please note: There is only one timing point for the Snowshoe Grind. Grind Timer Cards are to be swiped at both the beginning and end at the singular location.