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Safety & risk awareness

summer lift safety

Soaring to an altitude of 4,100 feet above sea level, our scenic Peak Chairlift will transport you to the apex of Grouse Mountain in a ride time of 15 minutes. At the summit, be amazed by a spectacular panorama that reveals the beauty and scale of Vancouver, and the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean as it graces the coastline for as far as the eye can see. 

peak chairlift safety tips video

In order to make your visit safe and enjoyable while accessing our mountaintop terrain, please take a moment to review this Peak Chairlift Safety Tips video.


prior to loading

  • If unfamiliar with the lift ask the lift attendants for instructions.
  • Children must be 9 years of age to ride the lift without an adult.
  • Children must be taller than 1 meter to ride the Peak Chair. 
  • Children riding with adults should be positioned on the outside of the chair to allow attendants to assist with loading.
  • Baby seats or baby carriers are not permitted on the Peak Chair. 
  • Secure all loose clothing and remove backpacks.
  • Ensure cameras are secured and all valuables are stored in zipped pockets.
  • A maximum of four passengers can ride on one chair.


  • Follow the instructions of the lift attendants.
  • When instructed, proceed to the load line and stand in one of the four red squares marked on the ramp.
  • Look over your shoulder as the chair approaches.
  • When the chair is at the load line, sit down and slide your back against the back rest.
  • Once seated on the chair, keep your feet up as you leave the load station.
  • Lower the safety bar as the chair leaves the load ramp.

riding the lift

  • Keep safety bar in the lowered position at all times.
  • Do not swing or bounce the chair.
  • No horseplay.
  • Be careful not to drop cameras, wallets or other personal items.
  • Watch for and follow the instructions of signs posted on lift towers.

preparing to unload & unloading

  • Raise safety bar when you reach the “Raise Restraining Device” sign. 
  • As you approach the unload ramp, keep your feet up.
  • When you reach the “Unload Here” sign, stand up and walk ahead quickly to clear the ramp.
  • If you fail to unload on time, the safety gate emergency stopping device with automatically stop the chair.
  • Follow the instructions of lift attendants when unloading the chair.