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Adventure Programs

Bring your Students for a Day of Adventure

Experience outdoor adventure at Grouse Mountain! On guided Adventure Programs, students have the opportunity to develop their teamwork, leadership, and outdoor skills in our stunning mountain environment.

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+ Snowshoe Tours 1.5 hour (Grade K-12)
+ Scavenger Hunt 2 hour (Grade 5-12)
+ Alpine Wilderness Safety 3 hour (Grade 8-12)
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+ Teen Team Building (Grade 8-12)
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+ Mountain Ropes Adventure
+ Mountain Ziplines

Book Your Day

Ready to book your field trip? 
1. Choose the date Pick a first choice and second choice that works with your group’s schedule. To qualify for education pricing, your group must consist of 75% school-aged students. 

2. Select your activities. Up to 3 guided sessions are included in a full five-hour day. We recommend one curriculum session, one adventure activity, and a hiwus Feasthouse presentation. 

3. Contact us — Use our online booking form with the link below.