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From sunrise to sundown, the Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge is back

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From dawn to dusk, test your mettle against the most avid of Grinders on the longest days of the year. The hardiest of athletes will tackle the ultimate challenge of multiple Grinds within one day, whether the goal is to set a personal best or set the bar as the official Multi-Grouse Grind® Challenge record holder. While this is an impressive physical feat, it is also an incredibly important event that raises valuable funds for Grind for Kids benefiting BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Help us reach our goal of an all-time $1 million raised this year by signing up for the challenge or by donating to Grind for Kids to show your support for our Multi-Grind Challengers! 

Note: This is the official and only sanctioned event to determine the record-holder for most ascents of the Grouse Grind in a one-day period. 

Date: Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 
Time: Dawn to dusk (4am-10pm) 
Fee: No registration fee, but the following criteria must be met in order to participate: 
  • Must be a Grouse Mountain Annual Local’s passholder -  If you are not a current passholder, click here to purchase 
  • Must be registered in the Grind for Kids program and raise a minimum of $200 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation - sign up here 
  • Must have a current Grind Timer® - Grind Timers are included with Grind for Kids registration 

For additional guidelines and safety requirements, click here.

Multi-Grind Results:
Male Female
Ian Robertson 17 Andrea Johb 14
Jeremy Burrows 15 Pargol Lakhan 13
Tim Wiens 15 Jenn Golinski 13
Michael Frewin 14 Youna Chubg 12
Wayne Enright 14 Catherine Maledy 11
Denn Golinski 14 Jasmin Findlay 10
Colin Ellis-White 13 Christine McDonald 10
Gary Lubin 12 Linda Brown 10
Jake Wasiela 12 Lyubov Golovetska 9
Kevin Holland 12 Leanna Lum 8
Malcolm Suarez 11 Melissa Searle 8
Paul Boileau 11 Teera Jacobs 7
Dave Weale 11 Judy Westacott 6
Paul Davidescu 10 Deborah Jessiman 6
John Pickles 10 Meghan Little 6
Craig Johnson 10 Morikke Espenhain 6
David DeNeire 10 Monique Osborne 6
Simon Donato 9 Nadia Figueroa 5
Taylor Lee 8 Fely Wray 2
Marco Dehghani 8
Doug MacKinnon 8
Nicolas Duffield 7
Kevin Kortje 7
Basil Golovetskyy 6
Chris Jung 4
Ethan Park 3