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Team Building- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are team building programs? 
All programs feature fun and engaging all-access experiences facilitated by our skilled team in an inspiring mountain setting. 

We believe that when teams genuinely work together and leverage their strengths, the work environment becomes exciting and fulfilling. The results can be astounding and are uniquely tied to Grouse Mountain's high standards for personal and organizational sustainability. Effective team building brings people together, highlights strengths, challenges the everyday and encourages self-awareness and dynamic collaboration. 

Each team of 8-10 people is accompanied by a skilled facilitator with unique combination of leadership skills, mountain knowledge, and wilderness experience that ensure safe and enduring memories. 

2. How does Grouse Mountain customize programs? 
To help customize your program, we will first identify the desired outcome of your visit. Whether you are looking for a fun office escape, or have a direct focus such as building group trust or team collaboration, we will customize the program to reflect your needs. As we learn about you and your team, we will build a group profile including your group’s composition and average level of activity/fitness. With a solid understanding of your team, we will suggest programs that complement your requirements and begin looking at ideal venue locations, food options and add-on experiences. 

3. What is the difference between the Alpine Adventure and Scavenger Hunt? 
The Scavenger Hunt is a light-hearted, fun-focused adventure. Groups are delivered 25-35 challenge cards and can pick and choose the cards for which they feel there team will excel. The questions on these cards will have teams finding specific locations, answering riddles, completing short team challenges and unlocking secret codes all, in an effort to maximum points. The Scavenger Hunt is available in a two or four-hour program. The four-hour program includes questions that take teams on a journey to a 360 degree glass ViewPOD, located at the top of our Eye of the Wind turbine. 

The Alpine Adventure gives more time for a teams to focus on team building. The challenges in this program are slightly longer. Each challenge takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete and focuses on the development of a particular skill, commonly found in highly-functioning teams. Teams complete six to eight challenges during this four-hour experience, each challenge ends with a short team debrief, giving groups the time to understand their success and learn for their shortfalls. 

4. How do I book a program? 
Complete an online booking form.

5. What is the minimum number of people to plan a custom team building program? 
Ten paid guests are required for most* of our team building groups. If you have fewer than the required minimum you are welcome to opt to pay for 10 guests but bring a smaller team. 
*Please note that our Hiwus Art program requires a minimum of 15 people.

6. What clothing should we bring with us? 
Grouse Mountain runs team building programs all year round, in all weather conditions. While we are close to the city, we have changeable weather at the Mountain. To ensure that you and your team have an amazing experience, it’s important to bring weather appropriate attire. 

Rain jackets, athletic attire and closed toed waterproof shoes are strongly encouraged. When there is snow on the ground, we recommend waterproof top layers, gloves, and a toque. If you are ziplining, closed-toed shoes are required. If you are visiting us in the summer we recommend packing sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. 

7. Are there any activity level, height or weight restrictions? 
Activity level, height or weight restrictions will be clarified upon your initial inquiry when selecting a program. If your group is taking part it our Mountain Ziplines, all guests must weigh between 70-250 lbs. Guests under 19 years of age require a legal parent/guardian to sign the exclusion of liability waiver prior to the activity. 

8. Can I order food as part of my experience? 
Of course! Whether looking for a light snack, fondue or a fine dining experience, we have lots to choose from including vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

9. Can I combine meetings and activities? 
 Yes, and you will be receive a saving for booking multiple events. 

10. Where do I go when I arrive? 
Our team will join you at the base of the Mountain in the plaza by Starbucks. From here relax and enjoy as we board the Skyride and travel to our Alpine Station. Upon your arrival, we will have a complete run-down of activities and challenges to share with you during a short orientation. For those who choose to zipline, participating guests will be given a waiver upon arrival at the Flight Center. 

If your team have a function on the mountaintop before your team building event, our facilitators will collect you from you function room. 

11. What if I am apprehensive about taking part in activities because I am nervous of heights? 
Some of our program options include more adventurous options where your feet are not always firmly on the ground. Grouse Mountain has a challenge by choice policy; this means that we will encourage guests to participate in all activities but ultimately we fully respect your personal choice. We do our best to have alternate activities available for those not wishing to take part in activities outside of their comfort zone. 

12. Return visit? 
Are their ways to take the adventure to the next level? Yes! With over 10 add-on options available throughout the year and seven inspiring facilities to choose from, and of course a winter and summer seasons to play with, there are many ways to take your adventure to the next level. 

13. Is there a place to store bags? 
Yes - if bag storage is required, your facilitator will lead you to a complimentary, safe and appropriate storage location.