Please be advised, Altitudes Bistro will be closing at 2:00pm today, Monday July 22nd, due to a private event. Please visit Today on Grouse for more dining options. 
For information on today's activities and attractions, please check Today on Grouse

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From Friday March 23 thru to Sunday March 25 makes sure you head over to the right side of the Lower Skyride terminal where an unreal 5 gum React2 Sensory Chamber awaits.

Wrigley's React2 Sensory chamber will be operation from 10am to 5pm as part of Quiksilver's Showdown Over The City so take a seat in the 'Sensory Chamber' and create a unique distorted inkblot image of yourself to share with family or friends. Intrigued? We are! This one of a kind experience so make sure you don't miss it this weekend. Not to mention you can pick up some great samples of 5React flavourful chewing gum.