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A sure sign that spring has officially arrived at the Peak of Vancouver, our resident Grizzlies Grinder and Coola have excitedly emerged from hibernation this morning. This was the bears’ 16th hibernation period and the second longest since their arrival at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. Grinder and Coola’s habitat will be strategically expanded over the next while, emulating the experience in the wild, where Grizzly bears gradually increase their footprint within a territory. 

Grinder and Coola turned 16 this past winter. Both male Grizzlies were orphaned in separate incidents and brought to Grouse Mountain as their last viable option. The bears are an important part of the Grouse Mountain family and give our guests an opportunity to learn more about British Columbia's wildlife. 

Guests to the Mountain can visit Grinder and Coola at their habitat daily. The bears will choose to continue to spend some time in their den, and some time outside with warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours to come, so the next time you visit Grouse Mountain, be sure to stop by their habitat and say hello.