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Spring has officially arrived and that means Grind season is just around the corner.

We're getting ready to gear up for the season ahead. Our team has come up with some fantastic new designs to let you show your love for good old Mother Nature's Stairmaster. The only problem is we're having a hard time choosing. 

So we're asking all you seasoned Grinders out there; which one do you like? The best part is, if you place a vote you're in the running to win a t-shirt with the winning design! 

So head on over to the contest page and let us know which you think should be the new Grind t-shirt design.

Contest is open until midnight on Monday, March 26th.


The Grouse Grind is CLOSED. The lower portion of the BCMC is closed Monday to Friday while trails upgrades are underway from April 4th to June 30th. Detour along the Baden-Powell and Larsen Trails. More information on the Metro Vancouver website.