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Sacha's Best Grouse Moment was... 

I am the biggest fan of Grouse mountain in all seasons. One of my favorite memories is a photo attached with this email. 

I love Grouse mountain in the summer time when I am doing the Grind and can view through the trees the city as I approach the 3/4 mark, as the years have passed the view has become smaller. The trees are growing and creating a new view of the wonderful nature that we are so fortunate to enjoy. In the winter, I love to snow shoe on a Friday afternoon and take in the views from the peak, finish off a perfect day in the pub with nachos and a cold drink! 

I moved to the North Shore because of Grouse Mountain and all the wonderful activities it provides, the staff are amazing too, some of them I have even got to know by name, traveling the gondola on so many occasions. I have learned the Gondola speech off by heart that I often recite it to your staff.. "we are about to approach the first of two towers the gondola may sway a bit so we ask to steady yourself". 

I am happy to share my memories and photo with you and appreciate Grouse Mountain everyday!

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