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Stephanie's Best Grouse moment was when she came up to snowboard for the first time, and took some great photos! 

I am a fairly new BC resident hailing from Charlottetown, PEI. I came out to Vancouver on vacation in September 2007 and I fell in love with the mountains and the city as a whole. A few months later, I moved here. I've never been to a place where you can go to the beach with a view of a city and snow caped mountains. So beautiful! 

My best Grouse Mountain moment was the time I went up there to snowboard for the first time. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the mountain just received a fresh snowfall. It was absolutely breathtaking! The snow covered trees, the views, the whole experience was unlike anything I ever had before. I received my Y2Play pass that day as well so I can look forward to many more beautiful and exciting Grouse Mountain experiences!

PRIZE: A pair of Oakley shades
Jordan Hearts Grouse because... 
My favourite memory, or moment at Grouse Mountain is actually a reoccurring one. While other people are watching movies or lame reality tv shows at home during the winter months. Me and my buddies faithfully would race home from work on most week days, throw our gear into the truck and drive up to Grouse. Every part of those nights were meaningful and memorable to me. Sometimes we would load pasta into tupperware containers and throw them in a backpack and eat at the top of a run overlooking our beautiful city. We were always taking it in. From the sunset to the city lights turned around as we rode the chairlifts up, or when we would treat ourselves to dinner and a couple beers at the Altitudes Bistro after some hard riding. On especially good nights we would plan it just perfectly to snowboard and catch the Canucks game going on that night from a cozy spot near the fire by the window again looking over our beautiful city (how many times do I have to say it?). There is something special about Grouse. I know when I'm too beaten up and old to ride I will still sit in that restaurant and reminisce of all the good times.

PRIZE: The Eye of the Wind turbine tour for 2