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Deborah [hearts] Grouse Mountain because... 

"I've had many wonderful times on Grouse Mountain over the years but my "Best" moment involves an encounter a couple of years ago with an aggressive Grouse on the Grind (actually the end of the BCMC trail where it comes out onto the top of the Cut). I was with a friend of mine and we were almost finished with our hike near the top of the trail when we heard this odd noise. (I've heard it many times since and now realize it is the call of a protective mother Grouse) I looked down and there at my feet about 4 or 5 feet away was a Grouse. She looked like a miniature peacock or turkey with her tail all fanned out. My friend and I were looking at her and commenting about the cute bird and the next thing you know, it charged at me. I was completely startled and jumped and sprinted up the final bit of the hill with this crazed bird chasing after me. And let me tell you, she was fast! She didn't just run in my direction, she pursued me up the hill. I believe she must have had a nest and babies nearby which she was protecting. Imagine being chased by a Grouse! It was definitely a 'best moment'. My friend and I had a good laugh about it and I have since a new found respect for the mountain's namesake!"

PRIZE: A pair of Oakley shades