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Congratulations to Don Jamieson from North Vancouver 

Don's favourite Grouse Mountain moment was "I love Grouse Mountain and have spent many memorable hours skiing and hiking there. I've seen the logging show dozens of times and laugh just as hard every time. I've found treasures on your mountain over the years when hiking. These vary from cell phones to beer cans not to mention a ton of loose change that managed to escape the pockets of skiers and boarders after crashing.. I think the greatest treasure though has always been the freshness and peace and solitude I find walking in the snow. My most memorable trip to Grouse however was the day that money fell from the sky for half an hour. I have told this story to many people and almost without exception they would look at me as if I had two heads. It is nonetheless a true story. I had set out one spring day to go for a hike on the ski slopes. By the time I got off the tram it was pouring rain which soon turned into a vertible deluge. I however was prepared for this, and donning my trusty waterproof poncho I set out. Before heading for the slopes though I took a short detour down the path to the west of the chalet onto the grassy area just below where the trams dock. Having stood there for only a moment the infamous coins started falling. They were landing on the grass all around me. Understandably my first thought was what the ...? Then I looked up. The source of my windfall was all to apparent. On the peak of the roof of the building where the trams dock, the heavy rain had caused a drain spout to come loose. The arching torrent of water by some freak chance ended its cascade directly on one horizontal piece of angle iron. This angle iron supports the curved bumpers that guide the trams in. Now for some strange reason for many years people have been tossing coins outward from the loading deck to try to land them on this narrow ledge. There was always quite a collection present. This stream of water over the course of the next half hour effectively cleared them all off and I obligingly stooped down and picked them all up. When it was over I had about $14 in change. It was truly an odd feeling standing there in the pounding rain hearing the plop plop plop of coins as they hit the grass. My knees are rebelling and I am now unable to spend as much time as I would like on Grouse but I still have my good memories." 

PRIZE: A pair of Merrell shoes
Mischa Gibbons from Vancouver 

Mischa and her daughter Love Grouse Mountain because... "This was my 4-year-old daughters first trip to grouse. She was so excited to go "up a mountain" so I bought a year pass for me and my 70-year-old mother who is scared of heights! We made it up in the tram with a beautiful view and loved the lumberjack show and we all shared our very first beaver tail. They even braved the chairlift and my daughter was in heaven. She actually said, "is this what heaven looks like?" and I said yes! It's amazing to think we live in such a beautiful place and sometimes don't take the time to explore our own beautiful backyards. It was so clean, people were friendly and all in all in was a day we will never forget. We will be back over and over to enjoy the summer and winter events. Keep up the great work!"

PRIZE: Annual  Membership
Jacqueline Soon from Burnaby 

Her favourite time at Grouse Mountain... "My best moment at Grouse Mountain was when my cousin from Houston Texas who was visiting for 3 weeks and I went up the mountain during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics at 2:30 AM to watch the "Today Show" being filmed. What an experience. And to be on the same tram as Meredith Vierra. Standing at the front of the rope watching the taping of the "Today Show" and watching & meeting the cast, such as Matt Lauer, Meredith Vierra, Ann Curry & Al Rocker. Seeing Alexander Bilodeau, the first Canadian to win a gold medal, the amazing k.d. lang, Wayne Gretsky and the beautiful chef Giada De Laurentis. Then there was CKNW recording its morning show in the chalet. And to boot, all this was filmed in such a picturesque setting at Grouse Mountain. There is no where else in Vancouver that you can have such a fabulous view. I told my cousin from Texas, as part of our Olympic experience we must visit Grouse Mountain. And indeed we did. Thank you Grouse Mountain!" 

PRIZE: The Eye of the Wind turbine tour for 2