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Sylvia [hearts] Grouse Mountain because... 

"My best Grouse Mountain moment was a couple of weeks go when my husband and I took my 67-year-old mother and her 68-year-old husband up the Grouse Grind for their first time. It was a challenge my mother always wanted to do but she kept coming up with excuses ranging from worrying that we would abandon her on the way up, to not having a bathroom on the trail and to finally saying that she wouldn't survive the climb because of the bears and cougars. I reassured her telling her we would walk at her pace, that we would listen to our bodies and rest when needed. We brought snacks, water and were prepared to take all day if we had to. I reassured her that the bears and cougars would be afraid of us and would make themselves scarce and that there were many people on the trails and lots of trees if needed. My step-father got pretty winded the first 1/4 so we told him to take it easy and made him drink some water. Well, they made it up in 2.5 hours which I thought was very good. At the top, we enjoyed a nice lunch, wine and the spectacular view and entertainment and we even bought them the t-shirts to prove that they survived the Grind. When we got to the top, I realized that my poor mother for the most part did the Grind stooped over using her hands and feet and at the end her hands were was my shirt from her reaching out to grab hold of me on the way up. Now they will always have the memories of what they have accomplished in their senior years and the t-shirts, photos and video to prove it!"

PRIZE: The Eye of the Wind turbine tour for 2