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Brian's Best Grouse Mountain Moment... 

Early one Spring morning I set out for a hike up the Grouse Grind. It was a cool and slightly rainy day with very few other hikers in sight. As I approached the halfway point, I noticed a figure moving along the trail up ahead of me. Thinking nothing of it, I continued along enjoying the quiet and peacefulness of the forest. As I got closer to the figure ahead of me on the trail I came to realize, what I originally thought was another hiker, was in fact a full size mule deer. I slowed my pace, but noticed I was still catching up to the deer, who seemed to be in no rush and who occasionally looked back at me. I have a healthy respect for all wildlife and at no time did I intend to approach too close. However, as we approached one of the many switchbacks, the deer actually stepped aside off the trail and stood patiently waiting while I passed. The power and tranquility of this wild animal was overwhelming as we made eye contact while I went by. As soon as I had passed, the deer continued on up the trail. I looked back several times to see this magnificent creature grinding its way up the trail. I felt privileged to share the trail and the moment with this courteous Grouse Grind regular. 

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