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The Grant Family's Best Grouse Moment... 

Our family's best moment atop of Grouse happened July 6th. It was our oldest's 4th birthday and Daddy surprised us all with annual passes. He kept the trip up and passes under wraps from all of us till the morning of. It was the kids' first trip up, there was so much to see and the hours spent were enjoyed immensely. A perfect Vancouver day, sunny, clear, the views of the city were spectacular. The Skyride up was exciting for all four of us, swinging while passing the towers delighted Hailee (the birthday girl), especially the second tower’s swing - like a ride in itself for her! I have to confess enjoying an ice cream was one of the first things dived into. There’s no better place to sit down, cone in hand and take in the sites around you. In fact it was the first time Kaylyn our youngest (11 months) sampled the cold yummy stuff.
We stopped to watch the bears twice while we were up, Grinder and Coola were taking a cool dip. After some time watching them in their refuge one of the bears wandered up out of the water and sat sniffing the air only feet from where we stood. Think he was intrigued by the smell of the crackers and cheese dip the kids were eating. It hit me, we really are close to these guys. My daughter recounts to friends and family the reason the fence is “zappy” (electric) is "so that we don’t put our fingers in there for the bears to eat" Ha! Yup that’s it! The experience of the chairlift in the summer is so different from going over snow. Depth to the ground varies so much more when it’s vivid green. What 4-year-old having a birthday in July is lucky enough to be playing in the snow in her favorite sun dress right here in her own backyard? We’ve been up several times since, every visitor with us has loved the trip to Grouse and is amazed at our good fortune having Grouse steps away from home . We truly love Grouse Mountain!

- Kelly, Ryan, Hailee & Kaylyn

PRIZE: The Eye of the Wind turbine tour for 2
Mina's Favourite Grouse Moment... 

I enrolled my first son Shayan, 4.5, in the Ski Wee program in 2006. We used to come up to the Grouse Mountain every Saturday, a family of four watching him progress while I was nursing my 10-month-old Kassra! My husband is a skier but hates to ski alone! We decided to do it together. Last winter, we enrolled our second boy, 5, in Skiwee program too. Just to let you know that watching those kids skiing and the beauty of mountain also inspired me to learn how to ski. At age 46, last April I came down The Cut with my husband and two boys, a family of four, successfully! You should have seen the look in their eyes: "Mom, you finally made it!" Yes I did! Thank you Grouse Mountain!

PRIZE: The Eye of the Wind turbine tour for 2