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Congratulations to our Joshua Manuel from Vancouver - The Grand Prize-Winning Moment! 

Joshua Best Grouse Moment
In 2008, my 7-year-old niece was not feeling very well, and had recently returned home from the hospital. Earlier that week, I visited her in the hospital and I had given her a bracelet with her favorite coloured stones, which I told her would help her get better much quicker, because it was a very special good-luck bracelet. I also told her that she's not allowed to take it off until she's feeling better again, then we'll go get ice cream at her favorite place. I went by to see her the day after she returned home, before I went for my trek up the Grouse Grind. She seemed to be in better spirits and happy to be home, but she looked genuinely concerned as I was getting ready to leave. She looked at me very seriously, and said, "I need you to promise me something." I said, "Sure, sweetheart. What shall I promise you?" "I want you to promise to carry this with you to the top of the mountain." I replied, "Okay.. what is it?" She handed me a small envelope and said, "You can open it and see when you get to the top, but not before." Curiousity had settled in, but I kept my promise to keep the small, neatly-wrapped envelope in my pocket until I reached the summit. Thoroughly exhausted after one of the more challenging Grinds I have done, I took a long drink from my bottle and pulled the package out of my pocket. I paused a moment as I opened it. Inside I found the bracelet I had given her. With a small, handwritten note: "Hi Uncle Josh. Here's my good-luck bracelet. I'm sorry I took it off early, but my teacher says there are bears on the mountain. I don't want them to eat you. Love, Sara"

PRIZE: The Ultimate Day at Grouse Mountain for 2: General Admission, a Helijet tour, mountain ziplining, the Eye of the Wind turbine tour and dinner at The Observatory

Kristin Halcrow from Langley's Best Grouse Moment was "last summer when i faced my fear of heights. On my 21st birthday i decided it was time. I got 2 other friends together and we went on the zipline adventure. Me being the baby i am with heights, even the first little one got to me a bit but it was so much fun by the time i hit the second to last one and climb up the platform to the zipline i was crying and freaking out. All i could think was im going to scream like a little girl. when i got up there and went i ended up just sitting there and enjoying the view im not going to lie i was still SUPER nervous. but to this day i know want to do it again and i tell everyone is is scared of heights to try it."
Jennifer Closs from Vancouver Loves Grouse because: Two years ago my best friend and I ran the whole Seek the Peak race and later that summer I was part of her wedding party as she got married on the deck overlooking the city. This year we did it as a relay and had a blast!

A couple years ago a couple friends and I went snowshoeing after a fresh snowfall. We made it about halfway up to Dam mountain but got so exhausted breaking a new trail that we collapsed, exhausted and laughing like crazy. It was so hard, and so fun. A few days later, after others had cleared the path I went up with a friend and watched the sunset from the top of Dam while drinking hot chocolate.

I have been doing the grind for at least 5 years now. Each year when I reach my goal of paying back my membership I celebrate! I didn't buy a pass last year because I was pregnant and only did the grind twice. My son was born at Christmas and I was SO excited to get back on the grind this year!! That first climb was so hard, and yet so rewarding. With the download fee increase this year, I've already paid for my membership!!

I ? Grouse Mountain!! I LOVE the grind, I love getting a hot drink in the lodge and browsing through Outfitters. I love walking over to see the bears and watching them roll around, chase each other and play. 

 I'm going to bring my son up soon and show him the bears and then hike up Dam Mountain with him on my back. Can't get enough Grouse!!!
John Rajic's Best Grouse Moment: It started with a road trip to the Quiksliver Showdown Over the City in March 2009. I have never been to a professional snowboard competition away from my hometown of Calgary so I was looking forward to this contest. It was pretty prestigeous.

We finally got there a day earlier and checked out Grouse Mountain. The views were awesome and the weather didn't get thick yet. lol.

After a good nights sleep it was off to the contest to get some photos. The contest was incredible - watching all the talent. Names we only saw in magazines were right there in front of us. The weather wasn't the greatest but that didn't stop the competition and tricks were being thrown down left and right. At the end one winner would own the podium, a young Seb Toots, walking away with a $10,000 cheque.


The Grouse Grind is CLOSED. The lower portion of the BCMC is closed Monday to Friday while trails upgrades are underway from April 4th to June 30th. Detour along the Baden-Powell and Larsen Trails. More information on the Metro Vancouver website.