Participants of Multi Girnd 2018

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After an amazing 20 hour day on the Grouse Grind® the results are in! This year's Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge has raised over $34,000 in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!

We also saw a record setting performance on the Grind as Brooke Spence set a new female record by completed a whopping 17 Grouse Grinds during the 20 hour event! This also tied the overall record for most number of Grouse Grinds in one day set at last year’s event. 

This year's top male finisher was Andrew Hanlon who completed 15 Grouse Grinds during the event.

After finally wrapping a long day on Mother Nature’s Stairmaster, a total of 63 participants had hiked a collective total of 507 Grouse Grinds in a one-day period. Fantastic job everyone!!

Multi-Grouse Grind® Challenge Results

1st – Andrew Hanlon with 15 Grinds
2nd – Tim Wiens with 14 Grinds 
3rd – Dennis Golinski with 14 Grinds

1st – Brooke Spence with 17 Grinds 
2nd – Astrid Bonter with 15 Grinds
3rd – Maria Watson with 14 Grinds

Male Female
Andrew Hanlon 15 Brooke Spence 17
Tim Wiens
14 Astrid Bonter 15
Dennis Golinski
14 Maria Watson 14
John Gill 14Jennifer Golinski 14
Gary Lubin 14 Pargol Lakhan 13
Cory Jennermann 13 Atessa Marashi 13
Maciej Sobczyk 13 Julie Mcclenahan 12
Toni Hulsch 12 Catherine Maledy 12
James Norris 12 Allegra Hollingbury 12
Paul Boileau 12Luisa Trotter 11
Derek Fenton 12 Tanja Cvekic 10
James Norris 12 Teera Jacobs 10
Faramarz Assadi Bolwerdi
11 Tatiana Ligai 11
Yichen Chen
10Atoussa Alikashani 10
Henry Tong
10 Maria Purificacion 10
Doug Mackinnon
10 Nikol Marconova 10
Marco Dehghani
9 Carmen Leal 9
Bart Reynolds
9Justyna Matracki 8
Byron Sweeney
9 Lyubov Golovetska 8
Ethan Park
8 Lisa Lougheed 8
Michael Frewin
8 Sasha Soden 6
Jon Lawlor
8 Deborah Jessiman 6
Sina Goshayeshi
8 Melissa Woo 6
Philippe Leonard
5 Amandeep Rai 5
Mike Leavitt
5 Tina Ciamarra 4
Christian Klering
4 Meagan Adams 4
Young Yang
Amandeep Gill


The Grouse Grind is CLOSED. The lower portion of the BCMC is closed Monday to Friday while trails upgrades are underway from April 4th to June 30th. Detour along the Baden-Powell and Larsen Trails. More information on the Metro Vancouver website.