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When you think about winter the first thing that usually comes to mind is the fluffy white stuff: snow! Our snowmaking team likes to work hand-in-glove with Mother Nature to deliver the best (and most) snow possible to the slopes of Grouse Mountain.

We’ve invested $500,000 into upgrading our snowmaking infrastructure for this winter season. So what does it mean for skiers and riders at Grouse Mountain? We have increased our output by 40% meaning we’ll be able to provide concentrated coverage from the top of The Peak to the bottom of The Cut.

The team has been hard at work installing new snow guns, new foundations, more power stations and hydrants to deliver the 40% additional output. With low temperatures we’ve been able to put this new equipment into action. 

This is just one of the “winter-ready” projects we’ve been working on as we get ready to hit the slopes this winter. #winterlove


Due to extended maintenance, our Skyride is CLOSED for today May 19th. Please check our website or social media pages prior to your visit for the most up-to-date information.