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The Victoria Day long weekend has arrived, heralding the arrival of seemingly endless warm, sunny days…and most importantly, the official launch of our summer season at the Peak of Vancouver.

Although we spend our weekdays toiling away at a desk/school/home with the kids, long weekends provide the perfect excuse to jam as much fun as humanly possible into three days made for endless good times.

In no particular order, here are a few reasons why a visit to Grouse Mountain is something you should schedule into your calendar this weekend…and brag about in the office on Tuesday morning:

1) The bears are back, baby: While they’ve actually been up and about for a while now, our furry friends are now roaming around the pond area in their five-acre habitat which in our opinion provides a great photo op/Instagram-able moment. While you’re at it, book the family into a Breakfast with the Bears experience and say hello to Grinder and Coola over pancakes.

2) Meet our feathered friends during a Birds in Motion demonstration: Where else will you see a red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon and bald eagle up close and personal? Nowhere, that’s where. And speaking of a bird’s-eye view…

3) Take a trip to the top of the Eye of the Wind and experience a 360-degree view of Vancity and the mountains behind us. Truly awe-inspiring and you’ll be the envy of all your friends who wondered how the heck you took that sky-high photo. Which brings us to…

4) Heli-tours: You think you’ve seen Vancouver but you haven’t SEEN VANCOUVER until you’ve experienced it from a helicopter. Our Blackcomb Aviation heli-tours will take you out for a spin to give you a perspective you’ve never seen before. Bonus: you’ll feel like you’re in an action movie. Speaking of action…

5) The men in plaid return, ready to throw axes, climb a 60-foot tree, log roll and more. These boys are the best in the biz (world-champions, in fact) – you don’t want to miss ‘em in our lumberjack show.


 Thank you for a great 2021/2022 Winter season.  Skiing and Snowboarding is now closed until next season!