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I had my first experience taking the chairlift in the summer time and it was gorgeous. I was met by Cortney and Patrick, they scanned my ticket and I was helped onto the chairlift by smiling lift attendants. 

On the way up the chairlift there were gorgeous views all the way to Burnaby Mountain and as far across over the Howe Sound Inlet. There was a nice cool breeze and I could see more of Grouse Mountain and the area where the bears hibernate in the winter. 

Going up the mountain took 18 minutes and it was such great fun. Even though I was a bit nervous about the height, seeing the spectacular scenery was the best part of the ride.

The walk from the chairlift to the Eye of the Wind was only a few minutes and there seemed to be tourist from all around the world visiting on this beautiful evening. The Eye of the Wind is taller than you could imagine looking at it from the base of the mountain. 

The ride to the top of the Eye of the Wind was fast and the view from the lookout was spectacular. Views stretched as far as the United States and the Gulf Islands in a 360° perspective. There is even a clear glass floor where you can see all the way to the ground far below!

I spoke with a few of the Grouse Mountain staff and they say that it is common to see wildlife like Eagles, bears and deer on this quieter part of the mountain. After a wonderful visit and views to remember for a lifetime, I made my way onto the chairlift on my way back down the mountain.

Have a great week,