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Week Two of our Instagram #BearDiscovery contest did not disappoint. The amazing photos continued to roll on in. For week two, we chose Sigrite Itse's photo as the victor! Read the incredibly interesting story behind the winning shot below...
I would like my story to begin with the fact that for the last ten years I have been dreaming of moving to Canada. This March I finally made it happen. When I heard about Grouse Mountain, I really wanted to visit. 

On the day I captured the photograph, I didn't arrive at the mountain until about 3 or 4 PM because of an accident on the Lions Gate bridge. Nevertheless, I liked the idea of seeing the sunset from atop the mountain, so I continued on anyway. I witnessed the Lumberjack show, then looked to see if I could get a glimpse of your cute "little brown boys", but I think they were hiding from sun and heat. I went to the Eye of the Wind, then as I was heading back to the Skyride, I suddenly saw one of the Grizzlies walking around... I took my first photos from the chairlift hovering above the habitat, but as soon as my feet touched the ground..I was on a mission! I took many, many photos of them playing in the water and then walking away. I also went for a walk around the habitat, but still wanted more! 

The particular photo you choose as the week two winner was taken pretty much right after they were given their daily treat. On this day it was apples dipped in honey. Most visitors were looking on the other side of the little bridge over the ponds, but I was lucky enough to witness this cute grizzly sitting like in the photo. I felt so lucky to be able to capture it. Following this, they sure put on a show for us throwing sticks above their head and even wrestling. At the end of the day I think I had about 600 photos of them. The photo of mine that you selected as the winner is the photo of the day, and this day is certainly one of the best from the nearly 4 months I have been in Vancouver.

I am so grateful for being able to have my own amazing bear discovery. Thank you for treating them well and making people like me happy. I would like to see them during the fall and winter or actually every week if I can.