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It was the second day of my internship and I arrived not knowing what the day was going to consist of. I walked into the office and my boss, notified me that we are going to a photo shoot today for Shaw TV for a segment on Blackcomb Aviation’s Helitours that will be shown on the television show The Express. I was excited because I had never been to a shoot before and had no idea what to expect. As they began filming and doing different shots, I noticed that the producer and the camera man had what I thought to be an unspoken communication system. I found it very interesting to see how they arranged for the different shots and how simple footage can be turned into an influential and fact filled television segment. 

As the segment was on Helitours, the majority of the shoot was to be filmed in the air. Little did I know I was going to be able to join the tour and go up in the helicopter with the crew. I had never been in a helicopter before, and Chris, the pilot took us on what I would call a “once in a lifetime tour”. Being on that photo shoot in the helicopter was by far the most amazing experience ever. Seeing the city of Vancouver and the mountains, lakes, ocean and bridges from the top of Grouse is one thing, but seeing it from the sky is absolutely mind-blowing. I saw the most beautiful and breathe taking sights my eyes have ever seen. From the grown-over green and tree filled mountains next to the meters of snow piled peaks, I was amazed. I started tearing up from the pure beauty of the views and the “once in a life time tour” I was privileged to experience. As we started to land on the top of what I felt was the top of the world, we touched down on a peak covered in meters of snow, and it was incredible. Just when I thought we had had the ultimate tour, Chris decided to have a little more fun, he took off and zoomed almost sideways through and back around the lions (twin peaks). I felt a huge rush as if I was on a roller coaster, it was awesome. I had no time to be scared and my thoughts were flooded with pure amaze and my body with adrenaline. 

It was by far the greatest views I have ever seen, I could not stop smiling and was in awe for several minutes after landing. I would recommend anyone and everyone going on this tour, it was life changing. I went home after work and told EVERYONE about the amazing occurrence at work that day. My cousin, wants to quit her job and come to work with me every day. I told her that was probably a good idea.