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Updated Lyrics
Riding through the snow
On a Peak of Christmas Sleigh
Past the reindeer we did go
Spotting Ski Wees on Greenway!

Scale the snowshoe Grind
Ravens Flying By
Chalet to unwind
An adventure we did find!

...will the next line be yours?

What's this all about?

For the next twelve days we are going to need your help on Twitter to create an original Grouse Mountain take on the classic Christmas song, Jingle Bells.

Each day we'll be adding a new line to the song. When you see that line, all you have to do is tweet back at us with what you think the next line should be. Be sure to tweet @grousemountain and use the hashtag #JingleGrouse so we know you're singing along!

Every morning, we'll pick the best line from the previous day and add it to the song.

Win a pair of Ski/Snowboard lift tickets to Grouse Mountain
If your lyrics are used, you'll be entered to win a pair of tickets.

Want an example? We've whipped one up for fun:

Day 1: Riding through the snow 
Day 2: On a mountain top today 
Day 3: Santa Says HO HO HO 
Day 4: And Vixen and Dancer play

Day 5: Powder’s flying high
Day 6: Fresh tracks each new run 
Day 7: Off that rail I fly 
Day 8: Nothing but fun fun fun

Day 9: Oh snowflakes fall, snowflakes fall 
Day 10: Peak of Christmas is here 
Day 11: Gingerbread Village and Choirs call 
Day 12: We are full of Christmas Cheer

1. Watch out every day for our lyric tweet with the hashtag #JingleGrouse.

2. Think of a fun, winter, Grouse Mountain themed lyric that would be next in the song.

3. Tweet it @grousemountain with the hashtag #JingleGrouse.

4. If your line is used you're entered to win a pair of tickets to come ski or snowboard here at Grouse Mountain.


 Grouse Mountain is introducing a new seasonal closure November 1 – 12 that will take place annually as the Mountain transitions between its Summer and Winter operations. Please visit our News post for more information.