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When the team from Covenant House arrived at Grouse Mountain to try the Alpine Adventure Corporate Adventure Training Program, they were ready and open to stepping outside personal comfort zones. Their day started with an icebreaker and quickly moved into some activities geared at testing communication and problem solving.  

 “Although many of us have worked together for years it was great to see people trying new things, being supported by their team members. Everyone had positive comments from the day!” Development and Communications team at Covenant House Vancouver
The human knot was definitely a favourite of the group as they found that sometimes a good laugh is an important part of solving problems. The team explored leadership, lateral thinking and the importance of levity.
A well established team, Covenant House group had a day that was part adventure, part team building. They learned ever more about both themselves as individuals and their team dynamic – and they had a lot of fun doing it.
“Our thanks to Grouse Mountain for a great team building day! We found there was a good mixture of team building exercises and adventure activities and all the activities allowed us to have new experiences together as a team.“  Development and Communications team at Covenant House Vancouver.