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Spring has arrived so you know what that means: Grind season is just around the corner! With that in mind, three Metro Vancouver crews have been hard at work in recent days prepping the Grind for the thousands who will ascend it this spring, summer and fall.

If you’re in the area in the next little while, you might spot a helicopter overhead slinging materials from the top of The Cut down to the Grind. To give you an idea of the work involved, materials will be deposited at various locations on the Grind upwards of 45 to 60 times!

If you happen to be on the Skyride this week, you just might see this work in action.

So, worry not, Grinders – with a little patience and help from Mother Nature, you’ll soon be able to hit the trail.  Currently, the target is early May.


Please be aware, the Munday Alpine Snowshoe Park is currently on Standby as snow stability assessments are being conducted, Blue Grouse Loop remains open.