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Week 3: Nancy Greene Way and Cross-Training

Last week I made reference to three mental and physical challenges that runners will be faced with during Seek the Peak, the most challenging of which is Nancy Greene Way. That is a personal opinion of course, and mostly because I recently completed the climb for the very first time. Ouch!

This portion of the climb is in Leg 2 of the race, from Capilano to the base of the Grouse Grind. In this portion of the race, runners will emerge from the Palisades Trail and head onto Nancy Greene Way for a one mile climb to the mountain.

Although one mile is remarkably short, the climb is a challenge. For runners racing this event, especially those embarking on the journey solo, I highly recommend you include Nancy Greene Way as part of your training leading up to race day. This leg just goes...and goes...and goes...and although many of us who love climbing the Grouse Grind during the Summer months simply see this road as a sign that we are getting closer to the base, it is deceivingly difficult on foot.

Combined with the Seek the Peak training guide, I incorporated a few days of cross-training within my schedule this week - including becoming more familiar with the terrain of trail running. Cross-training refers to combining exercises of other disciplines, different than that of your regular training regime and is believed to improve your fitness, prevent injury and aid in a quicker recovery. With Seek the Peak being such a physical journey that builds leg strength, it is important to incorporate other activities into your training calendar - especially those that involve building strength in your core and upper body.

Next week, I will focus on the nutrition and accessories of racing. With varying terrain in this race, we need to be prepared for what both the pavement and mountain areas will present to us.

Until then!



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