February 10, 2008. Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, B.C. – At 2am this morning, Grouse Mountain’s alpine area reached the height of its overnight traffic with nearly 2,000 skiers, riders, skaters and snowshoers. The collected crowd of snow sports enthusiasts was on the mountain to take advantage of one of the most unique initiatives this season: 24 hours of winter.

In celebration of the 2 year countdown to 2010, the resort embraced the idea of unlimited snow sports, opening at 8:30 am on Saturday and running its operation uninterrupted straight through Sunday.

“It is clear to us that Vancouver is a city that can’t get enough of alpine sports”, says Michael Cameron, General Manager. “On a foggy Saturday in February nearly 4,000 people came up outside of our normal hours of operation to take advantage of this unique event. There is no doubt that this celebration was a success and that Grouse Mountain is the true home of winter sport.” 

The 24 hour initiative was a trial for Grouse Mountain as it considers the unique opportunities surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As Vancouver hosts visitors from all over the world, the number of time zones represented at any given moment is considerable. A round-the-clock operation allows people to take advantage of Grouse Mountain’s nearby winter facilities at their leisure.


The Grouse Grind is CLOSED. The lower portion of the BCMC is closed Monday to Friday while trails upgrades are underway from April 4th to June 30th. Detour along the Baden-Powell and Larsen Trails. More information on the Metro Vancouver website.