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November 16, 2011, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver B.C. - The Grouse Grind community came together this year for another great season on North America’s most hiked trail in an effort to raise valuable funds for B.C. Children’s Hospital. Grouse Mountain and B.C. Children’s Hospital are pleased to announce that the Grind For Kids initiative has come to a successful close for the season with participants having hiked the Grouse Grind more than 8000 times, raising a combined two year total of over $300,000. All the valuable funds raised will now go directly to help B.C.’s kids. 

Grind For Kids is a simple fundraising initiative whereby participants decide to make all their rewarding workouts on the Grouse Grind count towards helping a great cause. Grouse Grinders simply seek pledges from friends and family towards every hike they complete during the season and all the funds raised go to B.C. Children’s Hospital. As little as a loonie a hike is all that is required. 

One of the standout participants from this year is 70 year old North Vancouver resident, Terry Byrne, who clocked in an amazing 352 Grouse Grinds. He explains how he finds the motivation to do the Grouse Grind twice a day, seven days a week: “I take part in Grind For Kids in the hope my humble efforts will someday inspire children, when they are healed, to hike in the forest, to hear the myriad of sounds that can be soothing to the soul. The more often one visits, the greater the opportunity to witness the many forms of wildlife occasionally crossing one's path nearby, is a truly awesome experience to behold”. 

Grouse Mountain would like to extend a huge thank all of the Grind For Kids participants who have generously supported this fundraising campaign these past two years. We acknowledge all the sweat, time and energy you have given up in an effort to make your Grouse Grinds truly count. Make sure you join us again next year as we aim even higher. We know that Grind For Kids will help to propel yourself up the Mountain in 2012 with the knowledge you are truly making a difference in the lives of kids here in British Columbia. 

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