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June 24th – Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver B.C.: 
Grouse Mountain’s new dynamic and interactive website, that allows users to immerse themselves in Vancouver’s most visited attraction, launched this week. The site is guaranteed to transport visitors directly to the wilderness and amazing scenery that is Grouse Mountain with just one click. Visually stunning photos easily guide users around the site and create a unique and unparalleled web experience. Grouse Mountain believes our new website will be a showcase for the city of Vancouver and Canada. 

“We are so pleased to finally be able to present Grouse Mountain’s new website to the world. Grouse Mountain offers uniquely British Columbian experiences that aren’t found anywhere else and now we have a website to match. Nothing will truly compare to being here in real-life experiencing the Eye of the Wind, visiting with the Grizzly bears and soaring through the air on a Mountain Zipline but this website is pretty close”, says Michael Cameron Grouse Mountain’s General Manager. 

Custom built with iPad and iPhone users in mind, the site is full of ‘app-like’ buttons to allow for direct and easy access to information and e-commerce. By focusing on the visual, Grouse Mountain’s new site is incredibly easy to navigate and gone are some of the more user-intensive aspects that information-based websites utilize. It also allows Grouse Mountain visitors to interact directly with the Mountain via photo & video galleries, blogs and social media. Our goal is to allow everyone access to the Grouse Mountain experience, from a Vancouverite checking out their latest time on the Grouse Grind to a tourist planning their trip to Grouse Mountain from half way across the world. We hope everyone that logs on to will feel they are already here, will feel the excitement of the Mountain and will understand that it is a place accessible to everyone. 

Grouse Mountain would like to thank North Vancouver agency Thought Shop for their creative and technical expertise in constructing our new website.

Ray Barrett: “Wow, I haven’t seen a better website than that in a long time. I learned stuff that you guys do that I never knew, I love the multiple overlapping fly outs, every page has nice short URLs, integrates Google docs and blogs. Very impressive.” 

Chris Wicks “I’m usually very cynical of flash website as they tend to be all style and no content, but this one is excellent. All the links and content are much more accessible. Plus it looks awesome and tasteful”. 

 @olibew : Very nice website, awesome background pic, interface is widget-like beautiful, cool and very informative. Like it a lot! 
 @jencloss: looks great! i like it! love the grind links at the bottom. 
 @Henry Armitage: “I should have pressed the like button…but saying it seemed a better idea” 

Sarah Lusk 
Public Relations Manager 
Grouse Mountain Resort and Whistler Water Ltd. 
Direct: 604.998.4255 Office: 604.984.0661 Cell: 604.551.4968