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The 2011 Outgames Opening Ceremony is fast-approaching and Grouse Mountain is pleased to play an integral role in one of the largest events happening in Vancouver this summer. The Peak of Vancouver will not only host the brand new 6km Vertical Challenge event but the Opening Ceremony flags will also arrive via helicopter on July 25th at the summit of Grouse Mountain before taking a trip down on our iconic Skyride and onwards into the city of Vancouver. 

The Outgames is a continental event with over 2,000 participants and supporters coming together in multi-sport events supported by the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association. The Outgames were looking for the ultimate event to include in this year’s competition and Grouse Mountain was more than happy to come to the rescue by helping to create the 6km Vertical Challenge. The event, taking place on Tuesday July 26th, incorporates the not only famous Grouse Grind but also a 3km extension to the Peak of Grouse Mountain and back down to the finish line at the Chalet. This challenging and fun course is bound to be one of the most popular events of the 2011 Outgames. 

“Grouse Mountain is pleased to welcome the Gay and Lesbian community not only here in the Lower Mainland but across the world. Locals know what is in store on the Grouse Grind but those from out of town are in for the ultimate test of their fitness and stamina. The Outgames is a fantastic event that brings together passionate sport-minded individuals and we look forward to not only hosting both participants and their supporters here at Grouse Mountain” says, Michael Cameron, Grouse Mountain’s General Manager.

The Vancouver 2011 North American Outgames will include 10 sport elements including soccer, volleyball, eco-challenge, 10 km run, golf and many more taking place throughout the Lower Mainland and Whistler. 

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