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April 25 , 2012. Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver B.C. - Everyday Grouse Mountain is actively encouraging all skiers and riders to wear helmets while enjoying winter sports and promotes the benefits of their usage and their limitations. This spring, the Peak of Vancouver took their efforts further when they teamed up with Giro Helmets as part of Grouse Mountain’s largest annual promotion - Y2Play. Customers who purchased or renewed a season’s pass were presented the opportunity to purchase a helmet at a price subsidized by the mountain. Response from the public was well beyond expectations and resulted in sales of over 2000 helmets. 

Although ski and snowboarding helmet usage in Canada currently sits at 75% and amongst children (14 & under) is 95.5% (source: Canadian Ski Council) Grouse Mountain is making a concerted effort to spearhead a movement to drive numbers upwards to 100%. It continues to be Grouse Mountain’s mission to prevent as many injuries at our resort as possible. Awareness is key to achieving this goal and the message is clearly being heard by winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to skiing and riding with care and following the Alpine Responsibility Code, evidence shows helmets can help to reduce injuries when accidents happen on the slopes. 

“Our industry's position on helmet usage is clearly being heard by those taking to the slopes at Grouse Mountain with thousands actively making a decision to protect their heads”, says Grouse Mountain General Manager Michael Cameron. “While snowsports continue to be amongst the safer outdoor activities we couldn’t ignore the powerful message that this sends to those who have recently spoken up about legislating mandatory helmet laws. Skiers and riders are increasingly demonstrating their ability to make smart choices for themselves and their families”. 

Grouse Mountain is already leading by example by making helmets complimentary with all rental packages for children age 12 and under, mandatory for all mountain staff, as well as compulsory for all Snow School students under the age of 18 when taking lessons or participating in snow programs. Coupling education with personal responsibility will make helmet usage an essential part of ski and riding gear. Grouse Mountain is leading the way in an effort to encourage 100% of skiers and riders to strap on a lid.