20 Days of Free y2play contest

We're giving away 20 Y2Play Passes for free, find out how you can win!

20 Days of Free Y2Play Contest

This year we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of Y2Play in a BIG way!

Over the next 20 days you could win one of 20 Y2Play Passes up for grabs. All you have to do is stay tuned for our daily clue and be the first to locate a hidden pass on the Mountain. We'll be sharing clues through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories as well as right here on our website. Be the first to find the special 20th Anniversary Y2Play Pass in it's hiding spot and you get to enjoy all the benefits of Y2Play for the upcoming season.

A couple pointers to help you on your search:
  • Passes will be hidden in the immediate vicinity of the clue location.
  • Unless shown inside, the pass will be outside of any buildings shown.
  • Remember to obey the Alpine Responsibility Code.
  • Please obey all mountaintop signage.

Watch this space for your daily clues to be posted. Stay tuned...

eleventh clue found!

We're kicking off the first week of Spring Break with day number eleven of 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

To find today's pass you'll need to visit the site of the original village on Grouse Mountain.

tenth clue found!

Day ten of 20 Days of Free Y2Play is here! 

Your search might work up an appetite, so luckily today's pass is hiding near a sweet treat.

Ninth Clue Found!

It’s day nine of 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

To find today’s pass hiding spot you’ll need to take a ride down memory lane. Good luck friends!

Eighth Clue Found!

Day eight of 20 Days of Free Y2Play has arrived! Today's pass hiding spot is a location that ‘wood’ stump quite a few people... 

Remember to adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code and obey all mountaintop signage. Happy searching!

Seventh Clue found!

Day seven of 20 Days of Free Y2Play has arrived! 

Today's pass is hiding in the location of the original Chalet on Grouse Mountain.

sixth clue found!

We’re on to day six of 20 Days of Free Y2Play. 

Today’s hidden pass will have you racing out onto the Mountain to find it!

Fifth clue Found!

Day five of 20 Days of Y2Play is here and today’s hidden pass is staying cozy in our favourite après spot on the Mountain. Happy searching friends!

Fourth Clue found! 

On to day four of our 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

These signs mark the spot of our next hidden pass… located somewhere in our mountaintop paradise.

Third Clue found!

We’re on to day three of 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

Today’s pass location takes us back to our roots with a tribute to the original home of snowboarding on Grouse Mountain.

Second Clue Found!

It's day two of our 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

Be careful, you might miss today’s hidden pass while taking in the spectacular view from the best vantage point on the Mountain.

First Clue Found!

Welcome to day one of 20 Days of Free Y2Play! 

Not only will these lights guide you on the slopes but they’ll also direct you to the first hidden pass. 

Happy searching friends!


We are open from 8:30am to 10:00pm every day of Spring Break!
It’s back for its 20th year! Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play pass  is on sale now and already 70% sold! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Y2Play we're giving away 20 free Y2Play passes – find out how you can win here! Grouse Mountain is once again opening our doors to 24 consecutive hours of winter fun at the Peak of Vancouver March 23rd – 24th! Visit our Event Page for all the event details!