Alpine Wilderness Survival

Grades 8-12

Alpine Wilderness Survival

Program Overview
Our Alpine Wilderness Survival offers a unique blend of hands-on survival skills and outdoor adventure experiences, neatly bound by friendly group competition. The program was born for schools looking to bring together a new group of students at the beginning of the school year or celebrate the completion of the school year by creating lasting memories with fellow students. 
Groups will journey around the mountain completing a series of Alpine Survival Challenges. These include, making fire by friction, building a shelter or elevated sleeping platform, setting a bear cache, exploring wildlife precautions, water collection/filtration and building a group improvised stretcher. The day ends with a fun game show style survival quiz to recap learning.

Please Note: Pricing for this program is $35/per person (plus tax)

Educators will cover:
  • Wilderness Survival rule of 3’s
  • Basic response to a wilderness medical emergency
  • Wildlife safety precautions
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Survival tips and tricks
  • The 10 essentials

Program Objectives
  • To promote safe backcountry travel
  • To examine the importance of team collaboration
  • To provide a safe, enjoyable learning environment
  • To examine the power of ones environment to increase the chance of survival

  • Program can be custom to include a schools mantra or team philosophy
  • Quick pace activities to maximize groups concentration
  • Hands on, experiential learning
  • Small groups of 15 students ensures inclusivity for all
  • Incredible natural surrounding and stunning views
  • Challenging, yet low risk 

  • To recognise and share unique skills within the team
  • Improve team cohesion and communication
  • Gain an understanding in wilderness survival
  • Promotes friendship development
  • Encourages creative thinking 
  • Activity base learning that connects youth with nature 
  • Encourages creative thinking