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Summer Adventure Day Camps

Pathfinders (5-7), Alpine Blazers (8-12), and extreme adventurers (11-14) Can Explore the Mountain this summer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I pack in my child’s bag?
We strongly recommend the following:
  • Dress your child in layers suitable for changing weather conditions and extra clothing in case they get soiled or cold.
  • Please include waterproof jacket and pants if there is a slight chance of rain.
  • Send your child to camp in closed-toed shoes such as running shoes or hiking boots. No sandals.
  • Pack a hat, extra socks, and sunscreen.
  • A reusable water bottle, and lots of snacks for your active camper, even if they have purchased camp lunch.
  • Lunch if you have not purchased the camp lunch option.

2. My child wants to be in the same camp grouping as their friend, how do I make this possible?
We do our best to accommodate all requests, providing they are requested by the Thursday before the start of camp. First day of camp requests will not be accommodated. Camp groups are pre-arranged by age, and the campers looking to be paired together must be registered in the same age category (Pathfinders, Alpine Blazers, or Extreme Adventurers). If you are requesting your child to be paired with a camper of a different age, the older camper will be moved down to the age of the younger child’s group. You will receive an email approximately four weeks out from the start of camp with a friend pairing request form. Please complete the form or call Guest Services no later than the Thursday before your camp begins. Please note that friend pairings are limited to a maximum group of 4 due to our overall group ratios.

3. Can my children buy lunch on the mountain? 
Our camp adventures take place all over the mountain and have a fun and will not be close to food options. Please do not send money with your child to purchase something to eat - pack them a healthy hearty lunch they can enjoy anywhere with their group. If you would like to pre-order lunch, please purchase the lunch option when registering your child.

Please be aware that our restaurants handle a variety of ingredients in their kitchens, which may pose a risk of allergen cross-contamination. While we take every precaution to ensure food safety, we cannot guarantee that our products are free from traces of allergens. We understand the importance of dietary restrictions and are committed to providing accurate information about our menu items. If you have specific dietary concerns or allergies, please inform a member of our team, who will be happy to assist you. Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. Unfortunately we are not able to offer gluten free or dairy free options. Thank you for your understanding.

4. I have two children in different age categories, will they see each other?
Our camp activities cater to the ages, abilities, and developmental stages of campers. Pathfinders and Alpine Blazers have different activity locations, schedules, and snack times. They might cross paths on the mountain, but they will remain in separate groups, to maximize fun!

5. What is the camp's behaviour and self-regulation policy?
  • Camp at Grouse Mountain is a time to have fun, learn about nature and participate in cool new experiences. We know that children are still learning and growing, so we give opportunities for campers to learn to be respectful and problem solve with their peers. They are expected to exhibit appropriate behaviour during camp hours and follow the camper code of conduct/5 finger contract.
  • Unacceptable behaviours that will be addressed with a parent/guardian and/or dismissible behaviours include but are not limited to: inability to listen and respect camp leader, disobeying safety rules, continued inability to treat activity equipment/supplies and other campers' respect.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for aggressive, threatening, or bullying behaviour from anyone.

6. Can I drop off my child late or pick them up early? My child has an appointment or can only be at camp for part of the day because of other commitments.
Each week is packed full of an adventurous schedule full of activities all over our beautiful mountain. This makes late drop-off or early pick-up incredibly hard as the whole group might end up missing a full activity. Unfortunately, due to these reasons (wanting to provide the best experience for your campers), we do not accommodate late drop-off or early pick-up. There will be a $25 fee charged if you are late to pick up your child.

7. How can I get my child to tell me more about all the adventures they had during their day?
Sometimes my kids come home after a full day of camp and when I ask them ‘how was your day?’ or ‘What did you do today?’ they respond with ‘Fine’, ‘I don’t remember’ or even ‘Nothing’. Take comfort in the fact that this isn't an uncommon situation, and every day's schedule is different and filled with exciting adventures. Your child might be tired, hungry, or overcharged from the open-ended question even may need some time to unwind after a day of activities before chatting.

Here are a few things you might want to try when coaxing out information about your child's day. Feed them a snack and let them have a little quiet time before asking them all the questions. When you do decide to ask some questions, place yourself side by side rather than face to face, or even do an activity together like cooking dinner, going for a walk, or playing a game. This body language may make the flow of conversation easier, a less interrogative stance and a more friendly open approach. Try using questions that are; what who, where, and when specific. For example, who did you play with today? Instead of did you make any friends today. What are two different placed you visited today at camp? Instead of how was your day? etc.

When in doubt, ask your child's camp leader what their schedule was on any particular day. They will be able to show you a detailed schedule, with locations and activities!

8. How much communication can I expect from Grouse Mountain, or the leaders and supervisors?
You will receive a pre-camp email from Guest Services the week before your registered camp. This will hold crucial information about the scheduled activities, what to pack in your child's bag and pick-up and drop-off locations.

The time you spend checking in and out your child is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the camp leader and communicate your child's daily needs. Please be communicative about all information the leader may need to know. The more we know about your child before the day begins the better the experience they can have at camp! Things like; if they have had a good night's sleep, whether they chose to eat breakfast or not, how much energy they have that morning, anything they were looking forward to or apprehensions they talked about, etc.

9. How are the children divided into each camp group?
We do our best to ensure that groups are matched by age so they can make friends and share similar experiences.

10. What if it rains, or is cold on a day of camp?
This program operates rain or shine! Please dress your child in weather appropriate clothing, and pack lots of layers in their bag.

11. My child lost something at camp, where can I find it?
We keep all lost and found items at camp check-in area for the week of camp. On Friday, it moves to Guest Services for general lost and found. 

12. My child is a little apprehensive in some of the scheduled activities, what do you suggest?
Some of our camp options include not always having our feet firmly on the ground. Grouse Mountain has a challenge by choice policy; this means that we will encourage participation in all activities, but we fully respect a camper’s personal choice. We do our best to have alternate activities available for those not wishing to take part in specific activities.

13. My child has a different learning style, or diverse abilities and needs - can I register them in your summer camps?
Yes - please email us first at! If your child has any special needs or learning differences, we greatly appreciate the disclose of this information at or before the time of registration so we can ensure we have the resources to provide the level of care needed to give the best experience to your child. Failure to do so may result in a poor camp experience for your child.

We are as inclusive as possible, and offer a friendly and welcoming camp. Each week we have a handful of spaces available with camp leaders who have specialized training to ensure your child's needs are being met every day. We do need to know before the start of camp in order to schedule your child into these leaders’ camp group.

If your child requires one-on-one support at school, we ask that they have one-on-one support at camp too. We offer a complementary ticket to the support worker and will work closely with them to ensure a positive camp experience.

14. Are electronics allowed at camp?
Please do not send your child to camp with electronics (phones, video games etc.) Camp is a chance for your child to unplug and connect with other campers and nature! If a camper does arrive to camp with electronics and it is interfering from the daily scheduled activities, it will be taken and given back at the end of the day.

15. I have two children; will they be put in the same camp group?
To ensure your children get the most enjoyment out of their camp experience, we place similar ages together in groups: Pathfinders (ages 5-7) and Alpine Blazers (ages 8-12). This way the scheduled group activities are tailored to the needs and expectations of the specific age range. If your children are in the same camp age brackets, please call Guest Services and request for them to be together, otherwise they might be scheduled in different groups.

16. What if my camper needs first-aid or medical attention while at camp?
Scrapes and bruises are not uncommon during a camp. We have trained professionals located across the mountain to assist with any situation that might arise. Qualified staff will assess the treatment required for the camper. If the camper is able and willing, they will be coached through self-administered first aid such as cleaning and bandaging a wound. Guidance will be provided from a trained first-aid attendant. If the child can't self-treat, the first-aid attendant will then being treatment with the appropriate PPE required under regional health guidelines. Our first-aid procedures ensure all safety guidelines are met for the well-being of the camper and the first-aid attendant.

17.  What is your cancellation policy?

Written Notice Provided



2 + Weeks

No penalty

Refund back onto the original payment method less a $50 admin fee OR Credit issued for full value to be used towards another Advenutre Camp product before the end of the same season

>2 weeks - 7 days

Flat fee of $50 for any reschedules

No refunds. Credit may be given towards bookings another camp before the end of the season, based on the presentation of a doctor's note

> 7 days

No reschedules

No refunds.