Plants Are Important Too!


Program Overview (best done May to October)

Students will investigate different categories of plants and learn to distinguish their specific characteristics. They will discover an appreciation for BC native flora by learning their links within the ecosystem. Add on a visit to our hiwus Feasthouse for a special presentation by our First Nations elder, Kwel-a-a-nexw, and a traditional perspective on the local flora.

Field Experience – Outdoor “classrooms” will be utilized whenever possible to explore local habitat in person

For the first time, plants are in the spotlight! Through cooperative activities and an amazing array of our very own mountain species as examples, we will discover a variety of fascinating adaptations that enable these plants to stay alive. Students will also recreate various plant life cycles and discover the many different uses of plants from the local First Nation’s perspective. A review of the terms food, energy, root, stem, leaf, flower, pollen, seed, fruit, adaptation, life cycle, garden, and harvest.

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