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Leading up to the 25th-annual Grouse Grind Mountain Run, we've asked our most committed, most enthusiastic Grouse Grinders to give us some of their best advice when it comes to conquering the Grouse Grind:

Atessa Marashi:
Atessa Marashi was our top female finisher at the Multi-Grind Challenge on June 21st, completing 11 Grouse Grinds in a row! She shared with us her top 3 pieces of advice when training for the Grouse Grind Mountain Run. Have a read below:

  • Wear light workout gear. I personally prefer to wear Shorts and a light exercise top because even though it may be cool outside, once I start hiking, I overheat quickly! If you have a Grind for Kids timer then one of the perks is that you can send a backpack up to Guest Services via the gondola. I'll use this to send a bag up with my sweater to wear after I finish the grind (I cool down almost as fast as I heat up!).
  • Stay Hydrated! Drink lots of water the day of the grind or even the day before (if you're doing the grind in the morning). 
  • Go with Friends! I use to do the Grind on my own, but it's much more fun going with others. I find that you will motivate and push each other to do your best. 
Amy Tso: 
Amy Tso is a life-long committed Grouse Grinder, and also our female record holder for the most Grouse Grinds completed EVER. Keep reading below for her valuable tips: 

  • Before the race I like to taper down. This means not doing too much physically leading up to race day, and letting my body rest up. I like to give myself a day or 2 to do nothing and get 8 hours of sleep each night. 
  • Make sure to carbo-load before the race. Eating things like pasta at dinner time gives me the energy I need for the race. However, everyone's body is different, so listen to it. For example, some people like to eat breakfast before a race. If you are one of these people, I highly recommend eating something light and giving your body enough time to digest. 
  • Hydrate. I usually start consciously hydrating 48 hours before race day. On race day, have 500ml of water during warm-up.
  • Warm-up. This will be my 6th year competing in the Grouse Grind Mountain Run. Usually I do a warm-up Grouse Grind before the race. However, this year I will be doing something different and running laps of the parking lot prior to the race.
  • Good luck! Good luck to those participating in the race and remember to have fun!