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While visiting our beautiful city, all it takes is a short Skyride up here to The Peak of Vancouver to have an incredible view of the city skyline, the bridges, the bay and islands beyond it. 

Now, what if while you were here taking it in, you could experience all that on an adventure, zipping between mountain peaks at speeds up to 80kmph!

Our dual-line, five-line Zipline Tour is an adrenaline-pumping tour across the peaks and canyons of Grouse and Dam Mountains. The tour lasts about two hours and can be booked as an individual or as a group. 

Don't take our word for it, watch these videos and see what others recently had to say about their adventures...

Traveller Reviews from Trip Advisor

"Well worth the money if you are after a safe but intense thrill in an amazing environment. […] We had a chilly cloudy day in mid-May, but were the only people booked in so we had four instructors with the two of us and they were all very friendly and helpful." — James M., New Zealand

"This was a terrific adventure, and you did not have to be athletic, just enthusiastic. I am terrified of heights, and was nervous about even the chair lift, but my strong desire to zipline overcame this somehow. The guides are a great deal of fun and the safety measures are exceptional." — Susan B., Oregon
Now if that looks like a good time to you, let's get started and book your day of adventure here...

To see more reviews for yourself, head on over to the Grouse Mountain Zipline Trip Advisor page.