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Saturday, Feb 9th, atop Grouse Mountain, close to 100 snowshoe enthusiasts filled the starting gate for the annual Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run. 
With great trail conditions, racers tackled the newly extended 5.5 kilometer course which included not only the Snowshoe Grind trail but also the Dam Mountain Loop. 

The participants ranged in age from 15 to 72 and included those just out for a leisurely stroll to elite runners. Everyone was in great spirits and the atmosphere was incredibly fun and friendly with huge cheers for every racer crossing the finish line. 

The 2013 Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run saw some unprecedented athletic performances with 2012 winner Shaun Stephens-Whale back again to better his time. 
He did so effortlessly with a speedy time of 26:09. Shaun was followed closely by Daniel Ribi at 28:40 and Dave Cressman at 29:13. 
In the women's category, Frances Crowley took top spot for the second year in a row with a swift time of 38:12.

Overall men: 

1. Shaun Stephens-Whale 26:09
2. Daniel Ribi 28:40
3. Dave Cressman 29:13 

Overall women:

1. Frances Crowley 38:12
2. Kathy Porter 38:55 
3. Kristina MacDonald 40:01