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(North Vancouver) Taking advantage of the most daylight hours of the year, Grouse Mountain’s Multi-Grouse Grind® Challenge takes place on the iconic trail Friday, June 21st between 4:00 am and 11:00 pm (gates close to participants at 10:00 pm). 

The Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge is the ultimate test of stamina as the most dedicated Grinders look to set a personal best or set the bar as the official record holder for the most number of Grinds completed during the single day event. In order for Grinds to be officially recognized, participants must adhere to the trail’s special operating times applicable for that day only. 

Last year’s top finisher Brooke Spence completed 17 Grouse Grinds during the event, which tied past record holder Ian Robertson. 

While this event showcases the impressive physical performance of participants, it is also an important fundraising event in support of BC Children's Hospital. Last year’s event raised over $34,000 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Event Schedule – Friday, June 21st 
4:00 am – Grouse Grind gates open and Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge officially begins 
7:30 pm – Grouse Grind gates closed to general public (Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge participants have access only) 
10:00 pm – Grouse Grind gates closed to Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge participants 
10:40 pm – Anticipated arrival of Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge winner and fellow contenders 

About Grouse Mountain: 
Grouse Mountain is the number one visitor attraction in the Lower Mainland, with 1.3 million annual visitors. Known as the Peak of Vancouver, we offer unparalleled panoramic views of the City, sea and surrounding mountains along with a wide range of year-round outdoor and educational activities, dining and more. For more information, please visit