Grouse Mountain is closed for scheduled maintenance today Tuesday, April 23 and Thursday, April 25 with no access to the Skyride and mountaintop activities or facilities. Guest Services is open from 9am - 5pm.
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Safety & Risk Awareness

Winter Lift Safety

Locals and visitors alike have been enjoying Grouse Mountain’s slopes since our inaugural season in 1926. With 34 ski and snowboard runs, 16 night runs and up to 6 terrain parks accessed via 4 chairlifts, a handle tow, and a magic carpet, Grouse Mountain offers a range of terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. In order to make your visit safe and enjoyable while accessing our skiing and snowboarding terrain, please take a moment to review the following safety information.

winter lift safety video

lift safety tips

Prior to Loading

  • If unfamiliar with the lift ask the lift attendants for instructions
  • Children should be 9 years of age to ride the chair without an adult
  • Baby seats or baby carriers are not permitted on chair lifts
  • Remove pole straps from your wrists
  • Release one binding from your snowboard. Riding the lift with two bindings strapped in is not recommended. The rear binding should be released and the front foot should be strapped in
  • Secure all loose clothing and remove backpacks
  • All children requiring assistance should be positioned on the outside to allow attendants to assist with loading
  • Gear must be attached to your feet. Carrying your gear is not permitted


  • When the ramp is clear, proceed to the “Load Here” board on the ramp. Listen to the instructions of the attendants
  • As the chair approaches, look over your shoulder to ensure you are in the correct position
  • While loading , keep skis and snowboards pointed in the uphill direction
  • When the chair is at the “Load Here” board on the ramp sit down and slide your back up against the back rest. You may wish to place one arm behind the back rest to assist sliding yourself into the correct position 
  • Lower the safety bar 
  • Keep your tips up as you leave the load station

Riding the Lift

  • Keep safety bar in the lowered position at all times
  • Do not swing or bounce the chair
  • No horseplay or snowball throwing
  • Watch for and follow the instructions of signs posted on lift towers

Preparing to Unload & Unloading

  • Keep ski and board tips up when coming into station
  • Raise safety bar when you reach the “Raise Restraining Device” sign
  • When you reach the “Unload Here” sign, stand up and ride down the ramp
  • If you fall on the ramp, please make an effort to clear the unload ramp immediately