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A Cut Above the Rest

Grouse Mountain's Terrain Parks

Park Safety: Take a Warm Up Lap

First lap of the day? Maybe you've never ridden this park before? Or maybe you've been riding all week? Either way, it's recommended that you take a ride through the park and check it out. This can give you a visual of what to expect, and give you the confidence to succeed.

Park Safety: Read the Signs

When you ride up to one of our terrain parks on the Mountain make sure you take a minute to stop and read the entrance signs. The signs are unique to each park and will let you know what size features to expect. Remember to always ride within your ability level and maintain control while in the parks so everyone can have a great time and enjoy.

Park Safety: Start Small

Always start small. When starting out always start small, get your basics down and slowly work your way up.

Park Safety: Look Before You Leap

Take a little warm up and check out the surrounds before you hit a jump to make sure things haven't changed since the last time you hit it.

Park Safety: Clear Landings

Never stop to take a break in a landing, bottom of roller or anywhere that you are not visible to riders uphill from you. Clear the landing area to avoid collisions.