Small is Beautiful

This summer explore the fascinating world of our smallest resident creatures

The Summer of Small Wonders

Small is beautiful. Some of the tiniest creatures bring the biggest benefit to our natural world.Learn more about the bees, hummingbirds, pikas, salamanders and more that are part of the Grouse Mountain eco-system.

This summer at Grouse Mountain we're celebrating Small Wonders. For an experience that is remarkable and edutaining, Small Wonders is a must-do this summer.
Wildlife Refuge

The Hive Bee Interpretive Centre

The Hive, our bee interpretive centre is where you can learn all about our busy friends. Featuring a live interpretive hive and hive panels to explore, The Hive is the heart of our summer of Small Wonders. Want to brush up on your bee terminology, learn how honey is made and figure out what exactly is the ‘bee dance’? You’ll find all that and more in The Hive!

Pollinator's Garden

Bee sure to stop by for a stroll in our beautiful Pollinators’ Garden, specially designed to attract bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Featuring many native species, the garden is an example of beauty and function.

Honey Bee Hive Tours

This summer, it’s your opportunity to understand bees by getting up-close– in a safe environment led by our resident bee keeper. Hive Tours provide a hands-on opportunity to experience and explore an active honey bee hive, while learning about these remarkable creatures. Although Bees are sometimes grouped with wasps and hornets, they are very different and deserving of our understanding and reverence – so suit up with us and come explore the fascinating lives of Honey Bees!

Wings of Life film

From Disneynature, "Wings of Life" is a stunning film showcasing bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and more. Told from a flower's perspective and highlighting the importance of these members of the animal kingdrom the film is narrated by the amazing Meryl Streep. Prepare to be mesmerized.
And much more including the Small Wonders Interpretive Gallery, Buzzby our Bee Mascot, Picture Yourself as a Butterfly photo station and more!