Alpine Adventure

A Mountain Exploration That Will Have You Finding Your Way as a Team

Get outside for a true mountain experience, learn to use a GPS and follow way-points to different mountaintop locations, complete leadership challenges along the route.
Corporate Adventure Training Program - Alpine Adventure
Soar faster with Grouse Mountain Ziplines

Program Objectives

  • To develop effective processes for communication, problem solving and collaboration 
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of different leadership styles. 
  • To promote positive team relationships.

Activity Summary

In this Adventure Challenge groups will navigate their way around our Alpine environment where they will be faced with a variety of challenges. 

Teams will be on their way to locate their waypoints. At each location they will encounter a challenge of a cognitive or physical nature. A facilitator will be present to give instruction and offer assistance. Demonstrate your creativity, teamwork and skill to be crowned Grouse Mountain Adventure Champions! 

Whether you fly high on ziplines, climb to the top of the world at the Eye of the Wind or keep both feet firmly planted on the ground, this is sure to be a team adventure.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Better understanding of skills and abilities within the team. 
  •  Establishes personal bonds leading to decreased absenteeism and staff turnover. 
  • Development of creative approaches to problem solving. 
  • Enhanced communication linkages, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Involves every participant (even in large groups) in a single multi-faceted activity. 
  • Flexible, allowing for customization to suit your needs. 
  • Allows individuals from diverse areas in large organizations to interact dynamically in a short period of time. 
  • Provides opportunities to create situations that promote specific interactions based on desired outcomes. 
  • High energy level and fast pace of the activity increase the level of positive participation. 
  • Highly challenging yet low risk. 
  • Teams are able to interact, share enormous success and celebrate as a unit.

Info & Booking

Group size: 10+

Physical impact: medium-high

Program length: full-day (6-8 hours), half-day (3-4 hours) or add-on (2 hours)

Availability: year-round

Bookings include program equipment and materials, facilitation and Skyride admission.

Recommended enhancements: add a First Nations welcome from a Squamish Elder or Mountain Ziplining to your day.

Email for more information or call 604.980.9311.